Alley of the baobabs

Allée of Baobab or avenue of baobab is a group of baobab trees lining the road between Morondava to Belo sur Tsiribina.

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This spectacular view is one of the most visited sites in the region.

A dozen of trees of 30m in height along this avenue of the species Adansonia Grandidieri, endemic to Madagascar.

The Baobab trees older than 800 years, locally known as Renala ( for peoples Malagasy “mother of the forest”), a legacy of the dense tropical forest that thrived in Madagascar.

Those trees did not grow up alone in this landscape dry and undergrowth but it was part of a dense forest, but now beging to disappear ( not more than 10% of primary forest remaining in the country), over the years, with the increase of the country’s population, forest have been felled for agriculture leaving only the baobab trees, the local people preserve both out of respect for their value as a source on food and materials of constructions.

This place is not a national park, the trees are threatened by the deforestation, rice paddies, sugar cane planting and forests fires

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