Welcome to the Morondava
Trecicogne hotel

Hotel TRECICOGNE celebrates this year 2024 the twenty sixth anniversary of its opening.

Completely renovated in 2017, now the hotel presents a modern architecture designed to be with Sakalava culture materials.

An interior garden offers you freshness and shade during the hottest hours of the day and even a small look at the flora of the region : bougainvilliers, Periwinkle, hibiscus, laurier, flamboyant, coconut, papaya and baobab trees…

The hotel is situated at 100 m from the beach and its structure opens onto Heliott channel between the port and the sea ; a spectacular view allows you to discover the intense bond that unites the Vezo people at sea ; sailing canoes returning fisheries, botry laden with goods (dhow) responsible for goods returning to port or leaving supply the small villages on the coast.

Front of the hotel, during low tide, men and woman daily fishing small fish and crustaceans for the local market.

Cleanliness and environmental friendly waste disposal is one of
TRECICOGNE’s priority for the environment and their guest’safety. A water filtering system provides clean drinking water analysed and controlled by an association linked to gas of France.